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Base Chief 3 (Pig Complex) Map version 2.0 – mod map

Author – Shashok75

Author Notes

This time you are the director of the pig complex. You have a lot to do. Namely:
– Carry a pumpkin in the pigsty (Svinarnik), it turned out a good harvest this year – on average, you need two cars.
– Bring timber from the sawmill to the base (Baza) – 6 pcs.
– Take the slate to the warehouse (Sklad), the roof on the pigsty is leaky – 10 pcs.
– Take the cage to the forester (Lesnik) – 6 pcs.
– The most important thing is to find cages with pigs (they systematically run away, the forester catches them) and take them to the veterinarians (Vetirenary), they will be checked and returned to their homes – 10 pieces, on the map the location of the cells is indicated by blue dots. For loading unloading use EO-3323 (author Alex Glushak). Attention! Do not press “Return”, the excavator will be lost – to fold manually.
For loading offloading the rest of the VolvoLM218 (by Yuriy Eremchuk (byPra), refinement Shashok75, chekhrak) add-ons Psix19rus.

Feature of the map
-GAZ-53 (by pokemone) – you should not discount it, it has good maneuverability and, most importantly, enviable economy.
-MAZ-501 (author pokemone) – in three versions (repair, tanker, on-board).
-GAZ-63P (author msergt).
-7 sawmills
– 1 gas station

The map is made on the basis of the map “Special breed. Processing ”- I express my gratitude to Shurik Kudinov for providing the source code.
I also thank everyone who helped in creating the map, namely: Psix19rus, Maxim Elistratov (msergt), chekhrak, Alexey Glushak.






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