Author: model Author: Bohemia Interactive fashion Author: kefirchik (Sasha Matveev)
Source: vk.com

Unfinished is what this mod is. It feels clunky and there are obviously miles to make on the finishing touches on this mod. But it does look good so i am posting it anyway. Looks really futuristic and not many trucks do in this game. So it scores points in that department 😉

Zil 3901s1 V1
Zil 3901s1 V1
61.0 MiB
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4 Responses to ZIL-3901S1

  1. CheckMyPixel says:

    looks like ArmA3 ripped

    • Spintires.nl says:

      It does and it is according to what info i could find.

      • CheckMyPixel says:

        Despite its exotic exterior of IFRIT is not the best choice . ( A completely failed concept from ZIL )
        With the Hunter you would certainly be better served . ( Oshkosh M – ATV )

  2. Blake says:

    i need help with making mods im using 3ds max 2016 and have no experience with making mods. If you could help me contact me on steam. My name is Blake0413 thanks.

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