Zil 157 Zahar

Author: Author 3D models, textures, add-ons, wheels Maxim Gordeev author Sound: Anton Smirnov Envelope: Vitaly Janz
Source: vk.com

This is a good model with good looking textures and animations. It can be fitted with several different addons and two tires. Can be used for logging but also serves a good purpose as a offroad support vehicle.

ZIL-157 Zahar Latest Stable
ZIL-157 Zahar Latest Stable
ZIL-157 Zahar_latest_stable.7z
46.9 MiB
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2 Responses to Zil 157 Zahar

  1. Drew W. says:

    This is quite a good model worth downloading.

    OFF TOPIC: How is the UAZ 469 2.0 doing? Any sight of release soon?

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