ZIL 133 G1

Author: Model, texture: OOVEE, Alex j, ronnie. Wheels: Maxim Pioneer, OOVEE. Addons: OOVEE, Alex j, ronnie.
Source: vk.com

A 6×4 Zil 133 is a welcome truck to the game. It can carry logs into a carriage and a trailer. It can do a fuel run or repair other trucks. Very good animation and suspension on this truck. Three sets of wheels to choose from.

Zil 133 G1 V2 0 By Ronnie
Zil 133 G1 V2 0 By Ronnie
zil_133_g1_v2_0 by ronnie.7z
11.2 MiB
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2 Responses to ZIL 133 G1

  1. mancer says:

    I enjoyed the truck. more ‘m having trouble loading logs. when I try to upload using the carriage in the area of the timber , the message that I have to equip the carriage more I ‘m already with her. someone help me . I thank you and I apologize for any error pronounced because I am using a translator. thank you

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