ZIL-131 v2

Author: RedPoW models and textures: the game DCS: A-10C, oovee, Alex j. , RUSL @ .N, Max Panow, Yuri Ismailov
Source: vk.com 

The Zil 131 is a impressive truck and this mod is the same. It has a nice set of addons and wheels. Good looking textures and animations and is easy to drive, if you know what you are doing (see screenshot).


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6 Responses to ZIL-131 v2

  1. kody says:

    nice mod but we don’t really need it. its a shame people like this don’t make new and interesting mods we have soooooooooo many zil remakes and kamazes that there is no real need any more for these kinds of mods. i am not dissing the mod its very nice there is just no need for it.

  2. BahamutX says:

    has the steering wheel been fixed on this?it was to far back and wasn’t attached to anything.

  3. BahamutX says:

    I downloaded it from another site v1.0 I was hoping this v2 would have been fixed,I will download this one and see if its fixed.

  4. MADPOWER says:

    Very good looking, and i downloaded it.
    But interfier with Dumper…
    This is way i ask if mod makers and converters could use something else, rather then “KrazCart…1,2,3…” etc
    I´m not being picky here, is just that when you have more then one mod, things could get messy 😉
    Thank you
    The “aok” wheels are very nice but having material mesh by each screw on the wheels? With a lot of textures to mach it…and they are a lot 😐

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