Yet another rendition of the ZIL-131 (VDM)



Yet another iteration of the well known Zil 131.  On the whole, not a lot to say that hasn’t been said before.  Pleasant enuff to drive.  Gets around reasonably well. Nice textures.  Standard addons and several sets of tires.  I found driving with the Radio Kit to be a challenge – the Zil becomes rather top heavy, which often results in you capsizing the truck and wallowing in a ditch on your side.  Not the elegant way to travel.  On the whole, nicely done.  Cabin view was missing, but thats an easy thing to fix in the XML file.  Otherwise you may find yourself staring at the axels and driveshaft…

ZiL 131(VDM)
ZiL 131(VDM)
22.1 MiB
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