WIP – Volvo TGB13 Rally Truck

This is a personal project from me. I have followed the Dresden Breslau rally via YouTube for some years now and for me one truck stood out among all the trucks. That yellow 6×6 Volvo TGB 13 Rally truck. Custom build from the ground up by Team Havast from the Netherlands. It just looks awesome and judging by the videos is a real beast when going off-road. It has been a wish from me for a while now to get this truck in Spin Tires and it may just happen now. I found a really good modmaker by the name of GreaseMonkey who is willing and more than able to take on this project.

On this page i will be posting pictures and videos of the real truck and post updates on the work GreaseMonkey is doing. His workshop thread on the Oovee forum is where he posts his progress pictures which i will then add here.

Pictures of the real truck:

This video shows how a regular Volvo TGB13 truck started its new career:

More video of the truck:

Progress pictures from GreaseMonkey:

And here is a video of someone who has created a rc version of this truck:

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11 Responses to WIP – Volvo TGB13 Rally Truck

  1. RichieXtheXboss says:

    that has more buttons than a remote for a giant tv

  2. Spintiresman says:

    It would be a nice truck in spintires, good work

  3. cph30075 says:

    Will it have some utility attachments or carts?

  4. eric says:

    nice idea man

    looking forward to drive it, could you perhaps also make a landrover lr 101 and a renault goulette ?? those are awesome also

  5. Eero Männist says:

    Maybe someday somebody makes also the Volvo C303 4×4 and 6×6… awesome offroaders both…

  6. Bluzby says:

    Man that thing sounds nice! Looks great!

  7. Bjorn says:

    I like the idea of a Land Rover 101 Forward control 🙂
    And wil this volvo be fast? because it should be 🙂
    And when will it be done?

  8. jagoebel1 says:

    Well I know the short time I’ve played this game… I certainly cannot wait for this mod to be available for download. What a truck. I’m sure it will be “MILES of SMILES”

  9. RoughRider says:

    Any updates lately on this?

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