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The game Spin Tires is being developped by gaming studio Oovee. The aim of the game is to provide a free roaming off-road experience with a focus on using old Russian trucks. The final game will include missions such as logging en gathering crates. This takes place on levels build to resemble places like for example Siberia. It truly is a unique game as it focuses a lot on providing a realistic environment for the gamers. You will see mud spraying onto the truck, water rushing through the wheels and a day/night change which looks really good.

Oovee has released a development demo a while ago which has the ability to run mods made by the community. Since then it has exploded and a whole range of different mods are available. I started collecting these mods for myself on this website (so i stil had them should my laptop crash wink). The mods are available for download to visitors of this site. So far i can afford the costs of running this site but feel free to support this site.

Once last thing. This site, www.spintires.nl, is not affiliated with Oovee or any other Spin Tires website.

Download some mods and have fun!


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