VW Truggy

Author Spin Tires conversion: Eugene Sivkov (Sivkov0000)

Original Rigs of Rods model: RoR / DODGE charger
Source: vk.com

A new truggy for the game and this is based on a VW buggy i think. It does come with three tire sizes but it looks better with its own tires. The truggy feels good, suspension is real good and the car ride is smooth. I did change the gears into those from the BruteTerror pre-runner because the gears it had made it feel a bit tame. Much more aggressive gears which fit this truggy very good. Also added a hoodcam to the car xml.

VW Truggy
VW Truggy
VW Truggy.7z
3.2 MiB


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10 Responses to VW Truggy

  1. Dawson Hoffbeck says:

    ripped straight from Rigs of Rods

  2. Parker says:

    this mod kills my fps big time. only 16 fps

  3. DODGE charger says:

    Original author here. I’d appreciate it if you at least credit me in the description. I know you can’t stop scumbag Russians from ripping models so I guess that’s the best you can do.

    • Spintires.nl says:

      I can and will. But need a bit of prove that you are actually the original author, a website link etc. Not disrespecting you but i need to make as sure as possible.

      (it is a fun truggy to use btw. Nice work on the design.)

  4. DODGE charger says:

    Well here’s a link to my profile and the forum thread, not sure what else I could do to prove its me. If you need more proof and know something I can do let me know.

  5. Dakota says:

    OMG! I always used to use this on ROR!

    • Omar from imperial beach says:

      hey can u help me learn the step to create a truck for spintires? i play alot and test alot and would like to learn thank s fo any links

  6. Seriously Epicly Fun Truck, Thank you!

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