Volvo FM logging truck

Original Author: hz888
Conversion to Steam: byPra

The Volvo FM is a mighty lumber truck which just looks amazing in detail. It has a lot of pulling power and it can take a punch. I did alter the xml for the truck so it can actually haul logs (short and medium) instead of the fake logs. Also adjusted are the gears. The gears in this download are based on the Gearbox Calculator excel sheet by PressureLine. The truck now has more authentic gears which give it a much smoother ride. The first gear is a so called granny gear so you should be able to pull away with any load. If you run the latest stable game there is now also a dashcam available.

** 16-3-2015 ** Zip file fixed. No more uaz but now Volvo powah! **


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17 Responses to Volvo FM logging truck

  1. marti says:

    When ever I install this mod it replaces the truck with a normal uaz I’ve tried replacing other trucks and get the same thing

  2. davcc22 says:

    it seems that you have given us a uaz xml in the zipper……

  3. BahamutX says:

    did you put the right .xml for the truck?i get the uaz when I load it.icleared the cache

  4. TheStigUS says:

    me too. please fix this.

  5. Smyte says:

    You aren’t the only one Bahamut. I just tested it and it seems that the .xml is that of the vanilla UAZ, not the volvo we’re looking for. (Opened the file to check and compared it to the original, no difference there.) I’m sure Hein will look into it shortly tho.

  6. ben says:

    yea i just get a uaz too

  7. will says:

    me too. any help?

  8. jj26911 says:

    this mod isn’t working at the moment 🙁

  9. cjgaltieri says:

    I’m having the same problem.

  10. steve900 says:

    Since you updated the .zip the truck worked one time, meaning that in de garage menu i could make a choice between volvo_platform and just platform, same with crane and trailer, since that one time i can only choose only normal platform crane and trailer, with thoose i can’t get logs, at lumber yard it says you need volvo_platform, but in garage i cannot choose that anymore, any idea how to fix this problem?

  11. steve900 says:

    No i haven’t cleared that, simply cause i don’t know how yet so if you can tell me, i will do that and try the truck again

  12. steve900 says:

    Thnx, but even then i cant get the volvo_platform just the regular one, even redownloaded the mod but still nothing, its very strange that i just did get the volvo_platform and stuff just 1 time

  13. Bluebirde says:

    I have the same problem as steve900..

  14. epic_guy says:

    where’s the download?

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