Ural Loaders pack

Author: d1ffuzor
Source: Oovee

A nice loader pack for the Ural. In total 4 to choose from. Very well done by d1ffuzor.

Loaders Pack Beta
Loaders Pack Beta
11.7 MiB
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7 Responses to Ural Loaders pack

  1. no107064 says:

    where I can download uaz wreck?

  2. 535 Driver says:

    I like the controls and all the buckets etc, but I couldn’t find a way to rotate the grappler, need it to rotate to place logs when bridge building.

    • Spintires.nl says:

      It uses the standard controls for the crane. There is a post under Tutorials which explains them.

  3. 535 Driver says:

    Controls are not the same as default crane. Advanced menu has no “crane grab” option to click on, when you click on grappler and press R or T ( like in shown in the tutorial) or use the left stick on a controller, it opens and closes the crane grab, instead of rotating the grappler.

  4. personnal.535 says:

    does it come with that destroyed jeep?

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