Ural 4322A

Author: 3D models and textures from the game: a-50 Black Shark (DCS), OOVEE, ronnie, Dmitry Romanenko.Addons: OOVEE, ronnie. Wheels: OOVEE, ronnie.
Source: vk.com

This is a Ural 4322A with several addons among which a car transport. Good animation and suspension on this truck as wel as very good texturing which gives the truck a nice authentic tired look.

Ural 4322a Susha V1 0
Ural 4322a Susha V1 0
10.5 MiB

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3 Responses to Ural 4322A

  1. Aphelion says:

    Absolutely fabulous!!!

  2. fabrice says:

    How do we install it ?

    i copied directories of the truck (textures,sounds, etc) into the Media directory of the game, but it doesnt appear ingame :/

  3. Dan0400 says:

    The truck in the download link is a maz , not this kamaz. It looks way different. Wrong link i guess ?

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