Uploading MudRunner Maps to Spintires.nl and New Server!!

I hope you all are enjoying the new Spintires: MudRunner.

Unfortunately, there is no Workshop support for maps at release for Spintires: MudRunner. Fortunately, until then Spintires.nl will continue to be your best place to Upload and Download MudRunner maps and mods.

If you are looking to upload your map please click here

New Server and website upgrades:

We have recently been working on moving the website onto a new, more reliable and quicker server. This move is now complete and it is time to start working on the aesthetics of the site.  Expect to see some changes very soon. If you guys have any suggestions please leave a comment.


Spintires Mud Runner Logo

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One Response to Uploading MudRunner Maps to Spintires.nl and New Server!!

  1. RoughRider says:

    Honestly, I really miss the old things hein used to do. The little previews before an upcoming mod. Those little articles that popped up occasionally were something worth visiting daily for me.

    I think it would be better, if we could make it easier to get stuff on this site. But I do understand quality control, and I think we should keep that in mind also.

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