Unimog U1500L

Author: LetsRockAndRoll
Source: Oovee

Nice Unimog U1500L. Three sets of wheels and addons. Has its own log load. Amazing flexibility on this truck.

Unimog U1500L
Unimog U1500L
Unimog U1500L.7z
11.9 MiB
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9 Responses to Unimog U1500L

  1. henriquejorgesantos says:

    hi there googd job with the unimog if you can put the unimog at the same size of kamaz its 100% perfect congratulations 🙂

  2. wrangmog says:

    Can you maybe make more Jeep Wranglers, maybe this time a CJ-7 with 40 inch boggers or something like that?

  3. Aphelion says:

    Good job LRnR!

  4. Karolis says:

    The truck i was waiting… Too bad its overpowered, like most mods :/

  5. Darien Seminoff says:

    I tried too install it but it won’t show up in game. Is it compatible with the latest stable build?

  6. Penta says:

    Please bring this to the workshop. Such an amazing mod that i’m really missing with the new update!

  7. Split says:

    How do I install this? It’s not working via the JSGME-installer. It shows up in the Mod list in the game but i can’t spawn it/use it in the gam (3.3.16)

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