Unimog SWB

Converter: LetsRockAndRoll
Source: Oovee

Originally a tech demo mod this neat little truck is now converted to the full game. And it is a really good exploration scout vehicle. Being a Unimog it can take steep climbs easily and it can also take a punch and move on without trouble. I like this truck very much and the best news is it is being worked on to be even better than the original.

  • update 20-10-15: found a glitch with the windows. Which is now corrected.
Unimog SWB V11
Unimog SWB V11
Unimog SWB v11.7z
13.9 MiB
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10 Responses to Unimog SWB

  1. ebrard says:


  2. boris says:

    does this work with multiplayer and/or acheivements?

  3. steve says:

    Uhm its password protected so i cant unzip it to use it, a little help please

  4. khk says:

    I tried to use this Unimog in the latest stable build version. Unfortunately the windows are only transparent from inside, seen from outside they are white. Seems the right texture is not found. Any suggestion how to resolve? Ty ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Diet says:

    Can this be converted to the last stable build?


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