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If you liked the old uaz then get this one. Several good addons to choose from. Can carry logs also besides a mini fuel cistern and also has a choice in tires.


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6 Responses to UAZ-469B

  1. Sledge says:

    Cool Mod!
    What I’d REALLY like to know is:
    What IS that yellow beast in the background?
    And WHERE can I find it?

    Pretty please with cherries on top…

    • says:

      That is the Behemoth. Sadly i cannot release that one until its original author gives green light. I am tracking him down but it aint easy.

  2. CannasaurusX says:

    What a mod!! This mod really drags me into the immersion of Spintires and I don’t know why!

    The authenticity and styling of the Uaz just makes it so real in a sense that you actually feel like your on a expedition somewhere. With the roof off I’m not that keen on it, but, roof up with the rack on and it’s excellent.

    The loading off logs it a bit buggy though texture wise, the logs are loaded onto the roof and into the rear of the car. The logs inside the car collide with the roof rack cross member and look all glitchy. If the logs could be sized to fit the small trailer it carries then it would be a perfect mod in my opinion.


  3. meow says:

    Here is a video with the carriage with logs (in the 1:50 mark) :

    But in my case I can’t load any logs. Also, the wheels on the carriage are different so it can be another version or something…

  4. no107064 says:

    love this uaz with addons, good job

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