UAZ 31512

Author: Dmitry Romanenko

A excellent mod with a large addon list and wheels to choose from. Looks well made and rides just as good.

Uaz-31512 Mod
Uaz-31512 Mod
uaz-31512 mod.7z
65.0 MiB



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7 Responses to UAZ 31512

  1. Sorcerer says:

    I don’t like the wheel set with the white rims but I will definitely be grabbing the other two.
    The vehicle itself also looks like a nice improvement over the base-game UAZ and will probably be staying in my game for a while!

  2. richie says:

    how would I get in contact with the author

  3. carter says:

    no textures or am I doing something wrong? the truck shows up in my game all black except for wheels and roof.

  4. DatRandomGuy132 says:

    What map is that which is in your pics?

  5. no107064 says:

    looks fantastic, but car with addons explodes 🙁

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