Test Drive – ZIL-167

Author: BruteTerror & Unlimited Modding Team
Info: Wiki

These are some screenshots from the shakedown ride with the ZIL-167. A 6×6 machine once designed to drive in terrain conditions found in the Siberian and Ural parts of Russian. BruteTerror is creating this mod for Spin Tires and it looks amazing even though its far from finished. The truck has 6×6 traction and the front and back wheels can steer giving it a good turning circle. This truck, with the right driver, can go anywhere! It obviously needs some work done on texturing and there other points that need attention. 

Can't wait for the truck to be finished. It's a iconic truck which deserves to be in Spin Tires. Thanks for the test drive BT!

screenshot.3797 screenshot.3793 screenshot.3794 screenshot.3795 screenshot.3796

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  1. Sorcerer says:

    If he wants the interior to look better there is a nice video here showing many parts of the vehicle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7tX3jnJKaQ

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