Test drive – Unimog

This is another truck from the UMT garage. King_the_modder is working hard on creating this excellent offroad truck. The mighty unimog. Build from scratch it does look impressive even at this early build stage. So do not think this wil be finished soon. It is however something to look forward too!

screenshot.3897 screenshot.3898 screenshot.3899 screenshot.3900 screenshot.3901

Flexing the night away..


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3 Responses to Test drive – Unimog

  1. Bombine33 says:

    Looks really good in early stage. Spintires realy needs an unimog. Hopefully it will have nearly as many addons as the real one.

  2. Dietje says:

    Any update on this one? Looking really forward to have a Unimog in Spin Tires!

    • Spintires.nl says:

      No update yet but the UMT has never failed on releasing yet so i am safe to say it will be released 😉 not set date though.

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