Test drive – Toyota LandCruiser 80 VX

Author: Bregel

Some eye candy from the soon to be released Toyota Landcruiser 80 VX.

Comes in 4 different bodies and a whole array of tires. Awesome looks combined with good off road capabilities. This is a truck which will be downloaded a lot i think.

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11 Responses to Test drive – Toyota LandCruiser 80 VX

  1. zochin says:

    how to download ????????

  2. Francis says:

    When this mod will be able todownload?

  3. Josephyong. says:

    Any news from bregel?

  4. Dan says:

    Will this mod be available on the workshop?

  5. Shotgunface says:

    I have a issue with the standard adventure and explorer bodies, I seem to get bogged down in any sort of water once it get a little higher than the tires. i have stp v8, rock friction, clear water tweak. i can confirm that I’m not hitting underwater rocks or mud when im getting stuck. It’s almost like if the tires are sitting a inch above the ground, I cant backup or move forward at all once I run out of momentum.

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