Test drive – The Behemoth

From Wikipedia: Behemoth (/bɨˈhiːməθ/ or /ˈbiː.əməθ/, also /ˈbeɪ.əmɔːθ/; Hebrew: בהמות‎, behemoth (modern: behemot)) is a beast mentioned in Job 40:15–24. Suggested identities range from a mythological creature to an elephant, hippopotamus, rhinoceros or crocodile.

And we can add truck to that list of descriptions now. Bregel is busy finishing his Behemoth project and i got to test drive this puppy. And it is MASSIVE. It dwarves the MAZ and you would think it is impossible to drive with but it is not. If you don't mind doing a Austin Powers 100 point turn ;). Just kidding. The truck is indeed big but it is very goo to drive with. It is slow but has a lot of pulling power especially with difflock engaged.

When this one hits the street.. or forests it wil be a big hit (no pun intended).

screenshot.3868_LAP-1938_aug-18-101529-2014_Conflict screenshot.3868_LAP-1938_aug-18-101712-2014_Conflict screenshot.3868_LAP-1938_aug-18-102242-2014_Conflict screenshot.3868_LAP-1938_aug-18-102411-2014_Conflict screenshot.3868_LAP-1938_aug-18-102547-2014_Conflict

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36 Responses to Test drive – The Behemoth

  1. ROBOTECH2140 says:

    This looks awesome, I can't wait to try it out!! 🙂

    What kind of trailers are being made for it?

    And when will it be available for download. 🙂

    • Spintires.nl says:

      The behemoth is currently in the workshop getting some fine tuning. And then some more work is done to A accomplish a trailer for the behemoth matching its size and B accomplish a tractor that can haul the default size trailers.

      Sooo this will take some time and i cannot really pin it on a date or time. Keep an eye on this site or the Oovee forum.

      p.s. It is quite a adventure to ride a rig this big in ST 😀

      • ROBOTECH2140 says:

        I really like this design. Really, really cool. 🙂

        I’m not sure what kind of loads you would need a truck this big for (relocating Iceland?).

        I think it would be awesome to have a mecha trailer (transported lying down on it’s back like in Gundam or Patlabour), or maybe a UFO trailer (UFO’s supposedly crash land in remote areas and they’d need a specialized rig to recover it – a wide circular load would also add a different challenge). Just some ideas 🙂

        I really like the challenge of trying to negotiate a big rig and load down one of those narrow mountain roads. It’s always a laugh when the edge starts to give way and the trailer begins to slide, draging the struggling tractor down with it 🙂

        Really excited about this one, nice work! 🙂

  2. Aiakos says:

    Hello, I would like to know how or what program is used to model cars or trucks, I searched and did not give me info, I hope you help me because I am very interested.

    Thank you

  3. Bombine33 says:

    Thank you Bregel that we can test this awsome truck before release. 😀 😀 😀 😀

  4. Bombine33 says:

    oh tought i could download it 🙁

    • Spintires.nl says:

      Not yet.. that’s why this post had the title prefix “Test drive”. It will be ready in a few weeks i think. Bregel is working on finishing touches and some extra’s which will be making this truck not just awesome but really AWESOME 🙂

  5. WillCox BurnTooth says:

    Whitch MAZ will this replace when it gets added?

  6. john says:

    Thank you all to bring as this awesome truck,I m really looking forward it .And,I wish it will has big fuel capacity and big damage numbers,that will be perfect. And one more thing,I hope it can get some utility addons.

    This is the most cute truck I ve seen.

  7. WillCox BurnTooth says:

    Any idea when this will be put up for download or are you guys still unsure?

    • Spintires.nl says:

      No idea.I do know it is the intention of Bregel to release it. But he wants to do it properly. With an addon to allow normal trailers to be towed. Once I have a date I will post it here.

  8. WillCox BurnTooth says:

    I see what you guys mean wen you say he wants to do it right because i was checking out his UAZ 456 on Oovee and that truck is the best replacement i can find for the uaz/zil.

  9. ROBOTECH2140 says:


    Any news of how this one is progressing? 🙂

    • Spintires.nl says:

      No. But you can’t rush an artist ;). It wil get done. We are working on some IP protection which wil delay it a bit.

  10. ROBOTECH2140 says:

    True enough 🙂

  11. ROBOTECH2140 says:

    Soon? 🙂

    • Spintires.nl says:

      As soon as we can have better protection of IP (Intelectual Property). There is a growing group of mod makers who do not mind making free mods but who do want to protect the models they make.

      Working on that ;). Meeting Oovee crew tomorrow.

  12. ROBOTECH2140 says:

    Absolutely. Talented Modders deserve full credit and financial reimbursement if their work is used by Oovee for profit 🙂

    For what it’s worth, you can let the people at Oovee know that (as someone who has a habit of playing a game to death and then never touching it again) I have stopped playing Spin Tires while I wait for this mod to be released. That’s how excited I am 🙂

    Good luck at the meeting tomorrow!! 🙂

  13. Bregel says:

    To anyone who still waiting for this, just be patient. I am still working on it, there are some other large stuff I want to include for this truck.

  14. Sledge says:

    Any further news/update on the Behemoth?

  15. RICHIE says:

    any progress !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. TheTrucker says:

    hi, I wonder if u can change the black spot under the truck it would be a great feature if u can fix it. other than that, sick truck. I am looking forward to downloading it.

  17. XCC111 says:

    It’s so sad that Bregel disappeared 🙁 He was one of the best modders that made mods for Spintires and The Behemoth was probably going to be his best one.

  18. heyhayhay7 says:

    is this going to be done soon?

  19. cph30075 says:

    *is one star*
    seems legit

  20. V12 says:

    Here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=660520997 is Behemoth’s little brother Juggernaut 🙂

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