Test drive – Suzuki Samurai LJ80

This one reminds of the Suzuki Samurai i once used to own, a looooooong time ago. SpunInDarkness has created this little runner to have lots of fun with in the game. It can go pretty much anywhere. It likes the mud and water and can pick up quite some speed on normal roads. It looks fantastic with it roof rack and bullbar. I tested it until it broke down and flames came out of the hood.

263280_2014-12-16_00001 263280_2014-12-16_00002 263280_2014-12-16_00003 263280_2014-12-16_00004 263280_2014-12-16_00005 263280_2014-12-16_00006 263280_2014-12-16_00007

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3 Responses to Test drive – Suzuki Samurai LJ80

  1. why dose it say test drive wen u cant test it

  2. marlible says:

    can you please add it to the spin tires forum

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