Test drive – Renault Premium

I got asked by Anders from the Oovee forum if i was willing to participate in some testing of his conversion work for the Renault Premium truck. Ofcourse its hard to say no 🙂 so i did say yes. This truck, when finished, wil come to play in ST with a enormous list of choices. Various wheels, trailers, addons and cargo. When done this package will be amazing! Testing all of the addons etc for defects will take time so keep an eye on this post for any new screenshots.

screenshot.3868_LAP-1938_aug-19-091117-2014_Conflict screenshot.3868_LAP-1938_aug-19-103750-2014_Conflict screenshot.3868_LAP-1938_aug-19-104652-2014_Conflict screenshot.3868_LAP-1938_aug-19-104844-2014_Conflict screenshot.3868_LAP-1938_aug-19-104947-2014_Conflict screenshot.3869 screenshot.3870

Testing some new wheels (made by Arraial). The wheels need to inverted but you get the idea ;).
screenshot.3935 screenshot.3936

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2 Responses to Test drive – Renault Premium

  1. BahamutX says:

    can't wait for this to come out.are you almost finish with it?

    • Spintires.nl says:

      Nope. There are a lot of addons for this truck and a lot of combinations which all have to be tested to resolve any conflicts. So we are currently hunting down all these errors. Don’t expect this to be finished this week ;). Hopefully next week..

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