Test drive – Project X

While crossing the forest with my old beaten up kraz i saw a vehicle move fast between the trees. I tried to get my camera out fast to take some pictures but in my haste they blurred a little.

What is it? No one yet knows. We did manage to get some quick shots while it was moving along swiftly through the forest.

Hopefully soon we will get some more detailed pictures of this intriguing and illusive vehicle!

263280_2014-12-23_00007 263280_2014-12-23_00008 263280_2014-12-23_00010

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8 Responses to Test drive – Project X

  1. SID says:

    Is it bigfoot in a Santa Clause suit?

  2. irg1990 says:

    this Santa Claus in his sleigh. but where are the deer ???

  3. HazzardMods says:

    Could it be Santa?

  4. killerauken20 says:

    Santa Claus is coming ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. officer_drift220 says:

    Looks like Santa in it’s sleigh ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. BahamutX says:

    its santa its already at oovee.co.uk web site.lol

  7. Allen says:

    That… looks like a one wheeled motorcycle in the last shot. I can’t wait.

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