Test drive – LKT 81

The LKT 81 is a logging tractor. And as such drives not the same as your moms suv ;). It can swivel in the middle much like a T-150 can. It has poor high speed but does have enough low gear to pull heavy logs and/or heavy trucks. So it does also play a good role in a rescue situation. There are some minor fixes to made to this tractor but once these are Zidon can release this logging beast into the wild. The test drive was good and i had a lot of fun pulling tree stumps out of the ground. Yes it can do that 😉

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4 Responses to Test drive – LKT 81

  1. Hazzard says:

    Sorry for asking a really dumb question but who is actually making that mod?

  2. Lord of the Rings says:

    Does the crane of the small logging trailer actually works? And is the wood on the trailer a load or an addon?

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