Test drive – Kamaz Typhoon

LetsRockandRoll is busy building new mods for us to enjoy. And this is his latest, the might Kamaz Typhoon. A 6×6 dual front steer truck which look really futuristic. He is working on it to get it released asap. When released it can add several addons as well as two wheel types. When in low gear this beast is unstoppable!

The test drive will continue because this was just a pre-beta i got from him, but it does promise a lot because this truck was amazing even in pre-beta status.

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8 Responses to Test drive – Kamaz Typhoon

  1. Jeff says:

    Fairly certain this is not made by him just ported from Arma 3 its called a tempest im pretty sure also the “ZIL 3901S” is the Ifrit from Arma 3 aswell.

  2. keegan knight says:

    looks sick man

  3. wnk says:

    Finally! Something really interesting. If there were some simple way to mod trucks or tutorials I would challenge myslef to make some interesting modern truck mod…

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