Test drive – Improved 1976 Toyota Hilux

1976 Toyota Hilux, original mesh and textures by Rhys Trappet, conversion and addons by Pressureline

PL is busy creating this little beauty. A 76 Toyota Hilux with some extra such as logs can be loaded, repair crates, garage crates and two fuel barrels. The truck is 2wd and that gives you quite the challenge to go from A to B which is good. Most trucks just go anywhere on 4×4 or more but with this one you are stuck with 2wd and your driving skills. No more pressing W to get where you need to to go.. with this one you need to think ahead.

Texturing is the stage this mod is at right now so it should be released pretty soon.

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5 Responses to Test drive – Improved 1976 Toyota Hilux

  1. Devin Eremchuk says:

    Yeah the Hilux seems cool but what I’m really inerested in is that Oshkosh in the background any news on that maybe a HET or M1070 will be added soon

  2. Randal says:

    Excited for this!!!

  3. Rapid Viper says:

    you shald make a 2015 modal from skrach i know im alskin a lot but i have not seen one and i think it wald be realy cool to see one espeshaly if it hade a lift kit and a light bar on a bull bar.
    And it was orang.

    do you thing it wald be cool?
    I do.
    plz make this.

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