Test drive – General Lee

Author: HazzardMods

This car is all about fun and more fun. It has ridiculous high damage and fuel numbers but once you have driven it Dukes style you get why it needs those high numbers. The car is nice to look at, good set of wheels and can do the iconic jumps we know from the series. Needs a little bit more work but the end result will be very good indeed!

The Blackwater Raceway map is the place where this mod feels right at home. Once it is released be sure to try it on that map!


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18 Responses to Test drive – General Lee

  1. awesome251 says:

    The general lee looks amazing. Can wait for it to be released.

  2. arb says:

    So if the game supports horn (in stable build), will we get the proper horn for it?

  3. MadGhost says:

    nice to see the wheels not looking as awkward and wonky as before cant wait for release i can see it even looking good just sitting on the gooseneck πŸ˜›

  4. jordan.swavel says:

    i hope it wont be very fragile when hitting bumps. Also hope u put a lifted suspension add on to it as well like in one of the original episodes.

  5. MADPOWER says:

    Does look good!:)

  6. marlible says:

    when is the estimated release date

  7. Jerod says:

    next should be…,
    MAD MAX’S V8 INTERCEPTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Bear_Gaming911 says:

    When is it being released??

  9. marlible says:

    how long until this mod is out

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