Test drive – Forwarder Ponsse 8×8 2.0

PressureLine is having a ball converting this into the latest_stable. The Forwarder Ponsse 8×8A really good looking 8×8 logging vehicle which can handle most terrain easily with its 8×8 traction and flexible body. Converting this puppy is not a easy task so we should all say thank you to PressureLine for doing this. Once it is finished we will have a great logger to play the game with.

There is however a lot of fine tuning and problem solving to be done to get this one working properly. So dont ask for a release because i cant give you one :). I do have some good screenshots to keep you happy for a while.

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4 Responses to Test drive – Forwarder Ponsse 8×8 2.0

  1. Michael Smuda says:

    Is a release planned?
    if yes when

  2. Julian says:

    What is different because it looks the same

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