Test drive – F250 (BruteTerror)

Coffee. Check. Big awesome truck to test. Check.

Today on the Proving Grounds the Ford F-250 pickup by BruteTerror. The test rig came with several good tires to choose from with various behavior on mud. For example the tractor tires really dig in where others do not. The truck is big and powerful and can conquer most hills with a little patience. The detailing is very good and something we can expect on a BruteTerror creation. Lots and lots of time went into this truck and it shows. Still some detailing to do like the stack and exhaust. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to spot any defects on something coming out the of BruteTerror workshop!

Just for the record this model is from Stoat Muldoon (rigsofrods forum).
Click here for more detail

screenshot.110 screenshot.111 screenshot.102 screenshot.103 screenshot.104 screenshot.105 screenshot.106 screenshot.107 screenshot.108 screenshot.109

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55 Responses to Test drive – F250 (BruteTerror)

  1. BahamutX says:

    isn’t this just the same as the f350 thats already out? can you get someone to convert the Ford Raptor from the demo to 2014?:)

  2. BahamutX says:

    ok I will keep an eye on that Raptor 🙂

  3. Scott Stuart says:

    Could somebody please do a RAM 3500 with this same kind of setup? I love the F350, but i’m a dodge guy at heart. More lifted diesels please!!! (:

  4. Im Rgh Modz says:

    I can’t wait for this to be released, keep up the great work!

  5. maverick says:

    this mod looks great just wish that someone could make the k5 rock crawler st14

  6. Guilherme says:

    Gogo, post soon man. anxious. :DD

  7. dodge guy 123 says:

    could someone make a ram 2500 lifted of d-max?

  8. dodge guy 123 says:

    or, not of. nice truck BTW

  9. mickey martin says:

    pretty sick cant wait to test it out, still thou waiting on a dodge ram hoping a hemi or cummins dually comes out soon.

  10. dodgelover10386 says:

    This truck needs to be out! I want this bad!

  11. James2406 says:

    I love how this says “by BruteTerror” when it’s orginal creator is, Stoat Muldoon From Rigsofrods.com. Feel free to google search “New Ford F-Series Pack rigsofrods and see that this guy has not given the correct credits. Plus it’s against our forum rules too steal mesh’s made by community members. Nice to know Spintires supports this.

  12. HEADBUSTER says:

    looks about the same year as my dads f-250, his is an ’83

  13. Cummins coal roller says:

    Is this going to come out or no

  14. josh says:

    can you do the k5 rockcrwler

  15. tyler says:

    when will this be released truck looks like a beast

  16. Ford PowerStroker says:

    Where can i get his?

  17. xcaliber360 says:

    I have the f350 and that’s an awesome truck, but how long until this truck is out!????

  18. Jedi x21 says:

    can someone do the Silverado from the demo? that would be pretty sickkk…I seen this truck in a video on youtube, tom cat was driving it..why not release it

  19. Gamerspy72 says:

    When is the f-250 gonna be ready to drive it looks so awesoome

  20. Cummins coal roller says:

    is this going to be finished like holy crap

  21. marlible says:

    hurry up brute I’ve bin waiting from when it said test drive
    your falling behind schedule

  22. Chad says:

    Yo how much longer

  23. rmart154 says:

    plz can someone make a Toyota j40 series landcruiser rock crawler or mud bogger plz and I love your work brute

  24. Griffin says:

    Hey, getting to 10 months… could you give us the download link… or does BT have to… just wondering bc this truck is so nice…

  25. Wade says:

    Must drive… ever since I watched the video with him SID and TC9700Gaming, I wanted to drive it..

  26. hunter says:

    holy hurry up it said test drive for October 14 now its june 14

  27. liftedtrucker says:

    brute terror you should upload your ford f250 the old one and your dodge so we can download them and i would like to make my own mods could you tell me how

  28. xander says:

    when is it going to be full release and how do you get the truck trials

  29. xander says:

    its been almost 6 months when is it going to be full release

  30. xander says:

    is it ever going to be released

  31. DAWSON says:

    um I downloaded that truck and it crash my game

  32. WZZNME1 says:

    BRUH almost a year later and still not released im going crazy

  33. xander says:

    is it ever going to be relaesed its been almost a year and its still not ready

  34. Dawson Wikene says:

    Brute!! is there anywhere i can get any version of this truck!?!? i have this exact truck but stock. i love it. 6.9L Right? such a fan dude. So does anyone know where any version of this at all is?

  35. west says:

    when will this be avalible

  36. tyler stambaugh says:

    hey brute can you post a download link for the 86 f250 as is. if not oh well. thanks.

  37. tyler stambaugh says:

    dude seriously brute I will pay for the download link for this truck. please dude I’m begging!

  38. Turbodlr says:

    will Brute just release it already

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