Test drive – Evans Creek

I got a pre-release version of the Evans Creek map to play with. Thanks MoeRon for that opportunity. I used the E-350 Ford from BT as my vehicle of choice. This map just had so many hidden paths to explore it will keep you busy for hours and hours. You can also do regular logging if you want to but this map just is ideal for slow low gear crawling through dense forest and tight pathways. I only explorer a quarter of the map and lost an entire hour in that :). MoeRon is quickly establishing a name when it comes to realism in a map. There is still work to be done on this map but once it is released it will be epic gameplay.

And to give you a moving example watch these two YT videos. One is of the real life Evans Creek and the other is in game.


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11 Responses to Test drive – Evans Creek

  1. guistoulaguigue says:

    next one must be rubicon ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Gabriel says:

    Where is the download?

  3. xander says:

    why do some people get test drive trucks and maps and some dont

  4. sam says:

    when is this due to be released ?

  5. moa says:

    doyou actually wheel evens creek i literaly live right down the road im so exited for this thank you moerun

  6. georgetf says:

    looks cool it looks hard i like hard maps
    but then if i cock up i moan its too hard lol

  7. mx295lang says:

    when is it planned to be released it looks good!

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