Test Drive – Dirt Time

Level – SuperScott

I am sure most of you have heard about the Dirt time map and if not here is a brief description of what it is:

Dirt time is what I would call a ‘challenge map’. The map has lots of different courses and events that you can do while also being a decent trailing map. The Challenge part of it does not really interest me as it is not true off-roading but I am sure in multiplayer with your friends it would be a blast.

SuperScotts recent addition to the map is a hand built bridge. It uses over 750 hand placed and looks really good. It is quite impressive for something that would take so long to build and take a lot of time.

I he has sent me a bunch of photos of them and I think you will agree it looks great:

When it comes out I am sure it will love this map.

Bridge Photos:


Other Photos:


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8 Responses to Test Drive – Dirt Time

  1. DeVineCougar (Zack) says:

    When will it be able to be downloaded. Please tell me ASAP because I am sooooo ready and hyped for this map.

  2. hunter belch says:

    why does’t the map maker just release it to eveybody and just keep working on it and release up dates to the map in stead of giving it just to youtubers to rub it in every boddys face who does not have it

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