Test Drive – Dirt Time

Level – SuperScott

I am sure most of you have heard about the Dirt time map and if not here is a brief description of what it is:

Dirt time is what I would call a ‘challenge map’. The map has lots of different courses and events that you can do while also being a decent trailing map. The Challenge part of it does not really interest me as it is not true off-roading but I am sure in multiplayer with your friends it would be a blast.

SuperScotts recent addition to the map is a hand built bridge. It uses over 750 hand placed and looks really good. It is quite impressive for something that would take so long to build and take a lot of time.

I he has sent me a bunch of photos of them and I think you will agree it looks great:

When it comes out I am sure it will love this map.

Bridge Photos:


Other Photos:


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6 Responses to Test Drive – Dirt Time

  1. DeVineCougar (Zack) says:

    When will it be able to be downloaded. Please tell me ASAP because I am sooooo ready and hyped for this map.

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