Test drive – Dense Forest (work title)

This i got this morning from none other than Bregel. Yes, the Bregel. Who we know for delivering eye candy mods like the Toyota FJ40 and the Mercedes G series. And now he is also getting a feel for what it means to build a level. And this map is best described as densely forested with narrow roads and steep inclines. I tried to use the Tatra Jamal with log cart and carriage trailer and had a hard time getting anywhere. And i don’t mean that in a bad way. It was fun to do, plan for the best angle to drive, use the winch a lot and choose the right gears. It is not a map for those who want to do some quick logging. This map will eat up your gaming time. It is not finished by far, Bregel said it’s 20% finished, but once this is released i will consider it a hardcore map.

Work title is Dense Forest, at least that is what i call it for now. Bregel, thanks for the test drive!

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  1. RichieXtheXboss says:

    so is this for crawlers ?

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