Test drive – Bregel Mercs

Yes we have good news. The master mod maker Bregel is back in the game and at work creating true beauties of trucks. I got the privelege to test 2 of 3 mercs he is now working on. A normal Merc and a pickup variant. Different tires to choose from as wel addons and a trailer really make these stand out from the crowd. High end detailing and smooth drive is what is to be expected. The trucks need some fine tuning but when he releases them they will be on everyones wishlist to download.

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2 Responses to Test drive – Bregel Mercs

  1. Karolis says:

    Nice news! Gonna wait for this one to try really 🙂

  2. DatRandomGuy132 says:

    Is Bregel still working on the Behemoth? I have been waiting for that vehicle for a long time and he has finally returned to the modding community.

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