Test drive – ’85 Chevy

Author: Eclipse81

This is a mod of a ’85 Chevy pickup truck that is being worked on. It has some minor defects which are now being repaired but overall it is a mod which looks promising. The ride is good and it handles the terrain pretty good. Addons such as a log load are being looked at to be added although that is not confirmed 100%. Stil, once this hits the streets or dirt roads it will worth the download time.

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9 Responses to Test drive – ’85 Chevy

  1. Sterling says:

    I like this.. Reminds me of the good ole days..

  2. Cummins coal roller says:

    If its a test drive why can we not drive it

  3. aaron says:

    glad to see the boggers on the tsl wheel

  4. darlonten says:

    A flatbed would be pretty cool on this so it would double as a log trailer and a car hauler.

  5. leebower says:

    crew cab would be sweet also . ive been posting all over begging someone to make a 80s chevy

  6. Orma says:

    When will this be released to the public?

  7. Loafy says:

    Is this ever going to be released?

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