Test drive – 47 International

This is the 47 International pickup truck. A Work In Progress by the Unlimited Modding Team crew. I had the privilege to also test this one and it is a amazing truck. Its old and hard meaning it can take a punishment pretty good. Looks good too for a old truck ;). The ride was fun, shaking a truck down to its last bolt and nut always is. I reported some points back to UMT but not much. This truck is going to rock once it is released.

screenshot.3821 screenshot.3822 screenshot.3823 screenshot.3824 screenshot.3825 screenshot.3826 screenshot.3827 screenshot.3828

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4 Responses to Test drive – 47 International

  1. Robert Pfeiffer says:

    When will this truck be released?

  2. HAZZARD-77 says:

    Will this truck ever be released????

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