Test Drive – 08 Dodge Ram 2500

BruteTerror is working on this. I will let the screenshots do the talking.

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34 Responses to Test Drive – 08 Dodge Ram 2500

  1. dodge guy123 says:

    when is the f250 coming out?

  2. Sterling says:

    I can’t wait for this truck.. I think the F350 is one of the most fun trucks there are, and this one looks to be very similar.. obviously considering it’s being designe by same guy.. The only thing I hate is.. we got it to work in multiplayer, up until the point we load the logs.. and then “spintires not responding” like so many others. but man.. If we can figure out a way to deliver logs in multiplayer with these type trucks.. I’m afriad I’d never leave the TV.. at least for a few days.. lol

  3. Trenton420 says:

    Looks sweeeeeeeet! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Nicks24Valve says:

    AWESOME!!! want want want want!!!!

  5. Joe says:

    When will this be out???

  6. Dakota says:

    wow this looks promising! Can’t wait to drive it!

  7. carter says:

    estimated release date?

  8. seth266 says:

    when will this be out?!?!? its so sick!

  9. xcaliber360 says:

    how long until this truck is out

  10. tyler says:

    when can we expect this

  11. jr says:

    when it going to be redy

  12. Cummins coal roller says:

    Alright will this ever be done or was this fake

  13. codered453 says:

    whens the release date???

  14. marlible says:

    please hurry I really want a truck that can blast through mud without a problem and that’s dependable

  15. AARON DAVIDSON says:

    I want this truck so bad lol, but i understand BT is a very busy person, hes got several projects going on and then his personal life, and as bad as you want this truck to be released, you cant rush him, thats how mistakes are made

  16. Shawn says:

    when is this dodge coming out i really really really want it!

  17. Cummins coal roller says:

    I was talking to brute and he said he has to rebuild it

  18. Lucas says:

    When is this coming out? I can’t wait!

  19. tyler says:

    whens this coming out

  20. Griffin Roux says:

    Do you think you could get this 3500 in the game… there is one out there but dosnt work… textures and everything is bugged out! If maybe you could update the one that is here or get this one up to standards from ST13

  21. SlapAssTerries says:

    I cant be mature, so my comment was edited.

  22. tyler says:

    this has to be fake It cant take 2 years to make a mod

    • Spintires.nl says:

      True enough.. but i have seen a truck like this on bruteterrors workshop page for friends. He is working on it. Just taking his time. Cant wait for that then why not try creating a mod yourself?

  23. tyler says:

    because I don’t have enough time and im not gonna keep my fans waiting on a mod that my friends have but I wont release to the public like you just said brutes friends have it but he wont release it to the public

    • Spintires.nl says:

      Not yet. Could also be he scrapped this one because it did not fit into the new xml standards. I might as wel scrap this post to stop any more judging.

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