Tattoo Rock Crawler

Author: Tattoo

Although me and Tattoo have had our disagreements in the past i do have to and will happily grant him all the credit for creating the shocks on this proof of concept mod. It features really good working suspension which unlike other mods does not behave like noodles when the car is at an angle. Just download it and you will see for yourself. Hopefully other mod makers will use this truck and use the suspension setup it has on their mods creating even more realistic mods for us all to enjoy.

Thanks also to Lucas White who still had this legacy mod in his download folder. It has now been converted to latest_stable.

Tat Rock Crawler
Tat Rock Crawler
Tat Rock Crawler.7z
2.7 MiB
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2 Responses to Tattoo Rock Crawler

  1. Bregel says:

    Maybe you not notice it, but i ve use ik constraint things before tattoo comes with his method. Slightly different with mine. As you said, hope this things become common among modder.

  2. daniel says:

    I like it but I don’t know why

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