Tatra Terrno 8×8

Author: V12

Two amazing trucks. The Tatra Terrno 8×8 in plain and Wolf edition. The Wolf comes with two stacks. Both trucks are very capable offroaders able to not only pull long log loads but even another truck behind that on the winch also fully loaded. Amazing sound added which really makes you experience the whistling turbo sound. All in all a amazing mod by V12!

Tatra Terrno 8x8 Latest Stable
Tatra Terrno 8x8 Latest Stable
Tatra Terrno 8x8_latest_stable.7z
44.3 MiB
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4 Responses to Tatra Terrno 8×8

  1. V12 says:

    Hi Hein,
    I updated this package on the workshop. Here is changelog :
    – improved sounds
    – louder turbo sound (Wolf)
    – Wolf has improved physics

  2. V12 says:

    Here is package for manual install :

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