Tatra 815 Dakar

Author: garminbreak
Source: Spintires-mods.com

Excellent truck if all you want to do is go fast and look good doing that ;). Does not have any addons but since it is ment for racing you don’t need a log trailer bouncing behind you.

Spintires 08 11 15 Mod Tatra 815 Dakar
Spintires 08 11 15 Mod Tatra 815 Dakar
8.3 MiB
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7 Responses to Tatra 815 Dakar

  1. Randal says:

    I cant get this to work, is this for the latest stable?

  2. Benjamin K Elliott says:

    This is the best mod. Total game changer. Thank you.

  3. V12 says:

    Czech driver Tomas Tomecek with this truck finished last Africa Eco Race at 2nd place in Truck category.

    • Spintires.nl says:

      It is a awesome truck to watch in action. And a fantastic driver. Well our own Gerard de Rooy is not that bad either 😉

  4. de Roy says:

    Did someone have a CAD datafile with the 815 for me?

  5. V12 says:

    de Roy :
    I can send You .max model for 3DS MAX.

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