Tatra 813 truck trial

Author: Zidon / Patholog
Source: Oovee

The might Tatra 813 Trial truck brought to you by Zidon and Patholog. And it delivers big time. This truck can conquer almost any terrain ST has to offer. Try it out yourself to believe that fact.

Three wheels to choose from plus a nice rollcage.

T813 TRUCKTRIAL By Patholog And Zidon
T813 TRUCKTRIAL By Patholog And Zidon
T813 TRUCKTRIAL by patholog and zidon.7z
16.9 MiB
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2 Responses to Tatra 813 truck trial

  1. This was so much fun, I would really love to see some different variations of this. Thanks for the killer truck doode!

  2. Cummins coal roller says:

    In my opinion it needs a stack like the real ones do

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