Tatra 813 Pack

Original tatra mesh: Drracer
Textures: outerra studios
Ingame convertion: Dustin B., Arraial, Zidon
Sounds: P.Polánszki
Convertion for latest update (and some addons ): V12, Pitrsonn, Korvetak, Maztekk and other friends from rc4x4.cz forum ;)

Here are 5 variations of Tatra:
1. “Normal” Tatra with lot of addons
2. “turbo” Tatra – only some addons but more power and faster gearbox
3. CSLA version
4. Czech army green ( this both has only covered tent with some addons available )
5. Monster trial and race version

Known bugs: Mudguards dont move :(

NOTE: Tatra has not flexing frame – it like real Tatra – because Tatras frame DONT FLEX!

What’s New in Version v 1.1

  • version 1.1:
  • – repaired mud alpha texture on wheels
  • -repaired billboards
  • -lot of minor tweaks ( some addons tuned, logs tuned, …)
  • -textures resaved
Tatra-813-Pack Latest Stable
Tatra-813-Pack Latest Stable
49.7 MiB


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One Response to Tatra 813 Pack

  1. OsirisDeath says:

    Great truck, love the mod!

    But i have encountered (a bug maybe?) that i can’t turn the crane grabber (normally R+T keys).
    That’s the only thing negative i have encountered with this mod until now.

    Keep up the good work =)

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