Tatra 813 Mp + Trial

Author: Zidon155 / Arraial
Tweaker: V12

V12 has done us all a favour by making the famous Tatra 813 Kolos working in MultiPlayer. And to add to this great news he has included in this package a trial version of the Kolos. One truck that was missing from ST until now!

Tatra T813 - MP And Trial
Tatra T813 - MP And Trial
Tatra T813 - MP and Trial.7z
19.4 MiB
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9 Responses to Tatra 813 Mp + Trial

  1. BahamutX says:

    hi I’m getting the kraz for both trucks please fix it.

  2. Grorh says:

    Great stuff!
    But i missing the version with carriage plus tent, like the original army 813!
    Thx Steffen

  3. Jan Raap says:

    I cannot load any logs with any of the two log trialers. I just says “install medium log trialer or install long log trialer” anybody else have this problem?

  4. GoRiLLaZz says:

    for which version is the Tatra? Because the trucks are not in game.

  5. jetfox says:

    i’ve been racking my brain on this, but why are the wheels bent inward, on older versions i had no issue and no other 8×8 trucks do this, that i have at least, the latest versions of the game now bend the tires on this truck.

    and other then looking horrible, i swear it effects the performace, it also would be nice to stop it from smashing it’s nose on the ground so much. 🙂

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