Tatra 805 (paid version)

Author: Max Dmitriev

This truck is the Tatra 805 and it is a thing of beauty. Good detailing and texturing and a working driveshaft. A whole list of addons to choose from such as a carriage, radio and garage addon. The truck also come with off road and normal tires and they do make a difference. To top it off it has a normal civilian version and a commando version which also lets you carry soldiers in the back. In my opinion a really solid mod.

As yes i did get to drive it and yes i agree it is a beautiful model based on actual photographs of the real truck. But it is also a mod you will have to pay for in order to get it.
Go to this link: Click here , you will find all the contact info you need to get in touch with Max.

Thanks to Zidon and Max for letting me drive this truck. I appreciate it.

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