Author: GolmanRS Typical Russian engineering. Mary the cab from a cab with the Zil 6×6 undercarriage. Excellent exploration vehicle or extreme logging truck. Mod is in development so expect future updates.  

Zil-165 – Swamp Monster Edition

Author: The Sandman Source: stmods.ru What a awesome find. This truck really looks the part in the more swampy areas in the game. Zil-165 Swamp Monster Edition (Swamp Monster) has: -10 + addons its default -8 kinds of wheels -good permeability changes: -Added addons -Slightly reduced power -Added more weight … Continue reading

ZIL 157

Source: vk.com Nothing replaces. Tested on version 3.3.16. 2. There are animation wheel, cab suspension, exhaust, frame, universal joints, and add-ons. 3. There are 16 addons and 3 pairs of wheels. 4. Permeability is high. 5. You can carry the short and medium beam. 6. Multiplayer and achievements are not … Continue reading

ZiL-131 (Chernobyl edition)

Author:  Dmitriy Romanenko Model: OOVEE, Maxim Gordeev, Maxim Dmitriev Textures: OOVEE. Dmitriy Romanenko.Maxim Dmitriev Source: vk.com Just what you need when your area is infected. A nice comfy lead clad Zil 131. Enjoy getting nuked in this! screenshots from vk.com

Zil 4334

Author: Dmitry Romanenko used models: CR Team, Maxim Gordeev, Maksim Dmitriev, OOVEE Textures: Dmitry Romanenko, OOVEE. Sounds: Anton Smirnov. Help: Vlad Molyarov Source: vk.com This is a seriously good looking mod. It really handles well, can pull a decent load and has a list of addons that are well suited for … Continue reading

Zil 157 Zahar

Author: Author 3D models, textures, add-ons, wheels Maxim Gordeev author Sound: Anton Smirnov Envelope: Vitaly Janz Source: vk.com This is a good model with good looking textures and animations. It can be fitted with several different addons and two tires. Can be used for logging but also serves a good purpose … Continue reading