Deblur hoodcam/dashcam

Author: PressureLine (thanks!) I have been asked this before and here it is. The custom media.xml file that takes care of the removing the blur effect when you are using the camera from the inside of the mod. It changes the camera focus setting to the interior or outside of … Continue reading

Mods updated

Mods have all been updated to the latest xml settings and filenames have been renamed where nescesary. Total replaced 174 times: “blending=”default”” => “Blending=”alpha”” Total replaced 1911 times: “Glossiness” => “Type” Total replaced 178 times: “Transparent=”true”” => “Blending=”alpha”” Total replaced 2035 times: “__da” => “__d_a” Total replaced 96 times: “LoadAddon.*=” … Continue reading