Level – Water expanses

Author: Irbishan Ivan Source: vk.com Map recycled / converted to the latest version of the game. On the map 2 car garage, 1 refill , felling 1, 2 loading points sawmills 6, 7 dop.slotov for cars, 11 intelligence points. Author: Irbishan Ivan Author Revised: Vitaly Kujbyshanec

Test drive – Bow Water Pass

This was a treat after returning from my holiday. A new map by Minitor. He does not make maps in a fast pace but when he does it’s a good one. This map is for those who love a challenge getting from A to B with a truck. Twisty roads … Continue reading

Level – Bow water

Author: Minitor This is a must have level if you want to have realism in the game. The Bow water level does just that, it really immerses you into the game. I had a whale of time getting my trucks to their destination, figuring it which route would work best … Continue reading