Author: voto.1979 This truck is designed with the idea in mind that it needs to go places no ordinary truck should even want to go. Hence the better articulation and flex of the front axles. It does also look very.. very.. futuristic ;). And on the plus side it does … Continue reading

Voto 79

Author: Voto Source: vk.com Big ugly truck. But it has good pulling power and it can maneuver quite good despite its size. Changes: -Update chassis (animated and geometry) -Update texture -Replaced standard garage part -added support for standard transportation timber -added support crane -New addon garage has: -7 addons -Custom … Continue reading

Voto 80 Prototype

Author: Voto.1979 Source: stmods.ru It looks like the marriage between an alien spaceship and a Maz. And it is crazy :). It can pull a loaded carriage trailer uphill without problem and through deep mud like it isnt even there. It might look funny but this beast packs quite the … Continue reading