Volvo XC90 Pack

Author: Hoanns Two for the price of one download. A normal XC90 with offroad tires and police flashlight ;). Aaaaaand a XC90 on tracks. Really cool build by Hoanns. The tracked version is best driven in 1+ so get it up to speed and let’r rip! The tracks work great … Continue reading

Volvo FM logging truck

Original Author: hz888 Conversion to Steam: byPra Source: The Volvo FM is a mighty lumber truck which just looks amazing in detail. It has a lot of pulling power and it can take a punch. I did alter the xml for the truck so it can actually haul logs … Continue reading

Volvo FL7

Author(s): arched wheel: Yuri Ismailov Ismailov Jura Also thanks for your help !!! 3d model from the game: 18 Wheels of Steel – Extreme Trucker 2 Author envelope: Pra Source: A nice decent midsized truck, the Volvo FL7. You can fit it with different addons and tires and it does … Continue reading