UAZ-3303 and UAZ “Murashka”

Author: Vyacheslav Andreev (Nikolay [174RUS]) A pack of two sturdy Russian offroad beasts. The Uaz 3303 and the Uaz Murashka aka Swamp Thing ;). Two trucks capable of traversing the difficult and challenging Russian backwoods. Especially the Murashka is a capable offroad beast and tow truck. Both have some addons to … Continue reading

UAZ-469 HD

Author: Skull of Death A totally reworked Uaz 469. In proper dimension and with texturing in 3K this uaz really is better then the crappy default uaz. Skull really did a great job upgrading this car. -new tires properly balanced -a new suspension geometry. -new bridges. -zapasnoe wheel repair points … Continue reading

UAZ-452D / 2206

Author: yansors Nice set of two UAZ 452 models. One is fitted for expedition missions and the other is more the cargo transporter. Both are good looking with nice texturing done. You can also choose between a decent list of wheels.


Author: Dmitry Romanenko Source: vk Info from vk:  Added native sound, couple new add-ons for repairs and fuel, and of booklet on the track. UAZ-31512 and UAZ-3151 ( “kolkhoz” and “military” bridges) is the set of add-ons allow skastomayzit UAZ to your taste -also have 5 sets of wheels with different … Continue reading

Uaz Patriot Pickup Ladoga

Author: Forester (27RUS) Source: Really good trail truck is all i can say. It climbs like a mountain goat while looking good. It has a nice list of addons and tires. It has all the badges you wil even need on a truck and it just goes. This is a … Continue reading

ST14 – UAZ 456

Author: Bregel Source: Oovee This is a fictional car, a 6×6 UAZ 456. Comes with a choice in tires and addons. There is even some sheep to drive around the map :). One word of warning, do not use more than 4 addons or the game engine will freak out! … Continue reading

UAZ 32 6×6

Author: Boogie Man Source: workshop The download is small but this truck stil impressed me by the way it looks and drives. Can be fitted with multiple wheels and a whole list of addons. Excellent mod for its download size.

Test drive – Uaz 469 2.0

This was a treat to test. A completely redone uaz 469. It looks better, rides better and the immersion is just so much more then the default uaz. This one has multiple tires to choose from, several addons to choose from. You can transport logs inside the uaz provided you … Continue reading